There are other expedition yacht builders out there, but how many of them are on the Pentagon’s speed-dial list?

As a leading designer and builder of military vessels, Metal Shark’s key customers include the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and over 50 allied military organizations. Today, there are over 1,000 Metal Shark military vessels deployed worldwide, with nearly 200 more entering service each year.

A Metal Shark Yacht is rugged, tough, and reliable; designed and built to withstand years of abuse,  because its siblings were built for actual battle. From redundant systems to industrial-grade hardware and next-generation technology, a Metal Shark Yacht is radically overbuilt, yet, thanks to its catamaran hull, also incredibly efficient.

Thanks to its high-volume production rate and the multiple multi-year military fleet contracts underway at any time, Metal Shark enjoys unmatched economies of scale, ample production capacity, and enormous R&D resources. The company invests heavily in new technology and continually hones its construction methodologies. Each Metal Shark Yacht customer reaps the benefits of these many strengths.

For each yacht build, Metal Shark dedicates a team of project managers and project engineers to eliminate shop-floor engineering and to assure a precision result. Robust scheduling management tools assure on-time completion, and fully transparent QA systems developed in concert with US Military inspection teams assure top quality, and the extensive use of jigs and fixtures guarantees consistent, repeatable results from an American workforce, all within timelines that other yards cannot match.

In addition to military patrol craft, Metal Shark builds custom vessels for other demanding operators, including state and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, harbor pilots, passenger vessel operators, and other commercial entities. To see our military, government, and commercial offerings, visit



Today there are over 1,000 Metal Shark military vessels deployed worldwide – with nearly 200 more entering service each year.