From its chiseled profile and imposing stance to the many advantages of its high-efficiency catamaran hull design, M48 defies convention at every turn and is like nothing else on the water.

This 48-meter, three-decked, all aluminum catamaran is a highly capable oceangoing craft enabling global exploration and delivering self-sustaining independence for months on end.

Among the many advantages of Metal Shark’s high-efficiency Incat Crowther catamaran hull design, M48 delivers nearly twice the range of a comparably sized traditional monohull yacht. At a long-range speed of 10 knots, M48 boasts an unbelievable 11,000 nautical mile range. At a 17-knot cruise speed, M48 delivers an impressive 4,500 nautical mile range, and still offers a range of over 2,500 nautical miles at a 23-knot sprint speed, all while offering unparalleled ride, shallow draft capability, and increased stability while at rest.

M48’s unique combination of speed and range opens up myriad opportunities for exploration and adventure on the fly, without need for an elaborately planned itinerary. Travel from New York to Miami in under 48 hours. Cross oceans with ample fuel to accommodate any change of plans. And, wherever your destination may be, you’ll enjoy unmatched independence as M48 becomes its own self-sustaining island, with robust off-grid capabilities that allow you to drop anchor in any harbor and stay for as long as you like.

M48 boasts a sleek and modern elevated interior that imparts the feel of a high-end city apartment. A panoramic window treatment and tasteful, refined interior finishes put the emphasis on the journey, enveloping occupants in spacious, uncluttered surroundings while affording unmatched views of the outside environment. The expansive sun deck is ideal for entertaining, with large wraparound seating and lounging areas affording stunning views from a lofty elevation. An integrated submersible stern platform with a 5,000 capacity easily lifts and stows tenders, subs, and toys.

The first M48, “MAGNET,” launched in 2020, with a bespoke arrangement designed to meet the unique requirements of her owner. As configured, Magnet checks in at 290 U.S. gross register tons, and accommodates two owners plus six guests and a crew of seven. To begin the process of configuring your very own Metal Shark Yacht, contact us today.


Principle Dimensions
Length: 48 meters / 158′
Beam: 12 meters / 39′
Draft: 2 meters / 6.7′

Long Range: 11,000 NM @ 10 Knots
Cruise: 4,500 NM @ 17 Knots
Sprint: 2,500 NM @ 23 Knots
Lightship Full Speed: 25 Knots

2 x MTU 16V2000M96L with SCR (1939 kw / 2600 BHP)

Fuel Capacity:
110,000 Liters / 29,000 US Gallons

Lightship: 240 Metric Tons
Full Load: 350 Metric Tons

US Gross Register Tonnage: 290
US Net Tonnage: 197
ITC Gross Tonnage: 653
ITC Net Tonnage: 195

Submersible Stern Platform:
2268 kg / 5,000 Lbs Lift Capacity

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