Introducing Metal Shark Yachts! These highly advanced, industrial-grade oceangoing vessels defy convention while enabling a new level of worry-free exploration and adventure. Our all-aluminum, American-made catamarans offer global range and deliver self-sustaining independence for months on end, putting the world within reach. We invite you to explore the many benefits of these unique expedition vessels.

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Our efficient catamaran hull designs deliver nearly twice the efficiency of a comparable monohull yacht, allowing you to cruise at 10 knots comfortably, cross oceans at 17 knots, and exceed 23 knots at sprint speed, all at efficient fuel burns with epic ranges.


Our knifelike catamaran hulls and wide stance reduce vertical ship motion and latitudinal rolling while underway, while a high tunnel and nacelle eliminate wave slamming. Integrated active ride control mitigates both roll and pitch. Use a stemmed wine glass at sea!


Stay at anchor for days, weeks, or months at a time, in comfort and safety, with an unmatched level of autonomy. Our enhanced stability, coupled with massive ground tackle and solar power, combine to create a solid, stable, self-sustaining island of independence.


A Metal Shark Yacht's wide catamaran footprint results in far more usable deck space, opening up myriad possibilities for entertainment areas as well as ample storage space for tenders, toys, and cargo. With a Metal Shark Yacht, you can take it all with you.


A key benefit of our catamaran hull design is a significant reduction in draft compared to conventional monohull vessels. Anchor in 8' of water, safely traverse the small cuts between islands, or let the boat dry out on the hard, without worry. Nothing hurts it.


Unlike traditional yachts with their dark interiors and limited views, a Metal Shark Yacht's elevated, open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows give the feel of a luxury penthouse while allowing an immersive connection with the surrounding environment. See where you're going. Enjoy the view!