As a leading defense contractor, Metal Shark employs a team of over 60 naval architects and maritime engineers, an in-house resource unmatched by any recreational yacht builder.

Each of our vessels are 100% digitally designed down to the smallest detail using 3D parametric modeling software, allowing the entire vessel including all of its spaces and each of its components to be realized in digital form in advance of construction.

Metal Shark’s digital design, paired with computer-controlled aluminum cutting and bending, assure precise tolerances and allow for near-limitless customization. As a result, the owner of a Metal Shark Yacht never needs to sacrifice one element of functionality to gain another. The vessel’s arrangement, systems, and capabilities are all designed and built specifically to suit the owner’s unique personal requirements, down to the smallest detail.

Metal Shark’s in-house engineering team boasts experts across the entire spectrum of relevant disciplines from structural to electrical, systems, and propulsion, assuring that onboard components work together within the allotted space, and that ample power generation and power management considerations are given for their ongoing use in off-grid environments.

Systems are radically over-engineered with redundancies in place, and then built and installed with military-spec precision, eliminating vulnerabilities while liberating owners and crews from nuisances, headaches, and the endless troubleshooting typically associated with the yachting lifestyle.

Metal Shark has partnered with naval architecture firm Incat Crowther, global leader in the design of high-speed aluminum catamaran vessels, to offer a range of extensively proven catamaran hull forms offering significant advantages over conventional monohull yacht designs.

A Metal Shark Yacht is 100% digitally designed, down to the smallest detail, prior to construction.