Introducing Metal Shark Yachts. These rugged, American-made, all-aluminum catamaran-hulled floating fortresses break boundaries and destroy convention with military precision, opening up new opportunities for global exploration and adventure.

Our advanced catamaran hull forms deliver unmatched efficiency, with nearly twice the range of a traditional, comparably-sized monohull craft. What’s more, a Metal Shark is fast. New York to Miami in 48 hours? Not a problem. Crossing oceans at 20 knots? Can do. A Metal Shark Yacht boasts the speed and the range to take you the remote places you can’t get to in an airplane, with self-sustaining autonomy allowing for an unmatched level of independence, regardless of the destination.

These vessels are not delicate playthings. They are industrial grade. It’s more like taking command of your own sovereign country than owning a yacht. With ultra-long range capabilities, survivalist-level onboard power generation and management, extreme seakeeping, industrial-grade construction, and military-derived technology, these wave-crushing, ocean-conquering brutes allow owners to go off-grid like never before, and to stay as long as they like.

As a leading supplier of custom vessels for the U.S. Armed Forces and its allies worldwide, Metal Shark fields an in-house team of over 60 naval architects and maritime engineers – a formidable engineering resource unmatched by other recreational yacht builders.

Each of our yachts is built with exacting military precision at one of our United States shipbuilding facilities. Contact Us to begin the process of building your very own Metal Shark Yacht.


While we’ve branded these vessels as “Metal Shark Yachts,” it was not without a great deal of consideration. The fact is, while they certainly meet all the qualifications for inclusion in the “yacht” category, they are like nothing else on the market today.

This became evident while cruising “Magnet,” the first M48, from our Franklin, Louisiana shipyard to Miami, via Corpus Christi to steer around a hurricane in the gulf, with stops along the way in the Dry Tortugas and Key West.

After a few days aboard, everyone had developed their own opinions, which were shared one evening over cocktails while at anchor in Key West:

“Calling this a yacht is underselling it. It’s not fussy like a yacht. It’s such a big, wide-open, stable platform, with so much room, in many ways it’s the anti-yacht. It’s a high performance houseboat that crosses oceans.”

“But it’s a large, luxurious, private recreational cruising vessel. It is, by definition, clearly a yacht.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t feel like a yacht at all. It’s so light and airy – you step onboard and it’s like walking into a high-end city apartment. You’re surrounded by windows, the atmosphere is so clean and modern, and you’re up so high. I don’t even feel right calling this a galley. This feels like a kitchen!”

“It’s a tool for exploration and adventure, designed to deliver a result. It allows you to go off grid, to reach remote places you can’t get to in an airplane. It is an industrial-grade tool.”

In the end, everyone aboard set their opinions aside to agree on one key point: Yachts or not, these vessels are highly capable, and very special, enabling an entirely new type of cruising experience.


Key advantages of our catamaran hull forms include include flexible speed profile, unparalleled ride, increased stability while at rest, an incredible amount of deck space, shallow draft, and superb visibility. Metal Shark's in-house team of over 60 naval architects and maritime engineers allows for total customization and the seamless integration of complex systems, providing a formidable and invaluable resource unmatched by any recreational yacht builder.


Our aluminum construction eliminates the structural and cosmetic concerns of fiberglass vessels, making them easier to maintain and enjoy. Aluminum vessels are highly flame resistant compared to combustible fiberglass vessels. Whereas fiberglass construction relies on petroleum-based resins and toxic chemicals, aluminum boats are produced in a clean and environmentally sound manner, free from harmful emissions and dangerous solvents used in fiberglass lamination.


Metal Shark owns and operates three fully self-contained shipbuilding facilities in Alabama and Louisiana USA. Principle yacht construction takes place at our Franklin, Louisiana shipyard, one of the nation's largest volume producers of high speed aluminum catamaran vessels. Domestic production by a skilled US workforce eliminates concerns of the foreign build process including currency, language barriers, geopolitical concerns, governmental regulation, and sheer distance.


There's not a lot of originality in yacht styling these days. Owners often find that no matter how much they spend, their "personalized" yacht looks a lot like every other boat in the harbor. Metal Shark has taken a fresh approach to stand out in this sea of sameness by incorporating styling cues from our military vessels, which are designed to achieve naval visual deterrent requirements. With chiseled lines and an intimidating, military-inspired profile, you'll stand out in any harbor!


Metal Shark customers include the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the militaries of over 50 US allies worldwide. Today, there are well over 1,000 Metal Shark military vessels in service, with new units delivering weekly to operators around the globe. Metal Shark's production, project management, and quality assurance systems have been developed in concert with military inspection teams, and honed through hundreds of high-quality, on-time deliveries.


Incat Crowther, one of the world's foremost designers of high speed catamaran hull forms, has partnered with Metal Shark to develop this range of next generation expedition vessels. Metal Shark is highly adept at producing Incat Crowther's proven designs. Since 2017, Metal Shark's Franklin, Louisiana shipyard has built and delivered over 24 Incat Crowther-designed high speed aluminum catamaran vessels to leading operators including NYC Ferry.