The radical M70 is a 231’ x 65’ floating fortress that destroys convention while setting new standards for speed, payload, and range. M70 can be configured for use as a standalone expedition yacht, shadow yacht, or, should her owner feel so inclined, to liberate a small country.

Whatever the mission at hand, M70 is ready to pamper her guests upon arrival, with advanced power generation and management systems enabling self-sustaining independence for months on end. Cross any ocean, drop anchor in any harbor, and stay as long as you like.

In typical configuration this four-decked vessel carries up to 24 people, including crew. The possibilities are nearly limitless thanks to custom-configurable arrangements. Payload is never a problem. Bring it all! Vast deck space afforded by M70’s catamaran hull design allows for a helipad and enclosed garage, while at the same time carrying tenders, submersibles, and all the toys, which are launched and retrieved via a 30,000 lb. capacity submersible stern platform.

M70’s efficient catamaran hull offers numerous distinct advantages over traditional monohull vessels of equivalent size, including improved ride, better stability while at rest, a dramatic increase in usable space, and extreme shallow water capability. Most importantly, M70 uses nearly half the fuel of a comparable monohull yacht, meaning she delivers nearly twice the range.

At a long-range speed of 12 knots, M70’s 9,000 nautical mile range means that from any point of origin she can reach nearly any harbor on the globe without refueling. With an unbelievable 6,000 nautical mile “eco cruise” range, M70 can cross oceans at nearly 20 knots. And, when needed, M70 covers ground in a hurry, with a top speed of 30 knots, truly putting the world within striking distance.

Chiseled and imposing, M70 is far from subtle; she is bold and distinctive in a sea of sameness and a standout in any harbor. In every conceivable way, M70 represents the ultimate expression of personal independence. To begin your journey, contact us today.


Principle Dimensions
Length: 70 meters / 231′
Beam: 20 meters / 65.6′
Draft: 3.2 meters / 10.6′

Long Range: 9,000 NM @ 12 Knots
Cruise: 6,000 NM @ 19 Knots
Sprint: 3,000 NM @ 28 Knots
Lightship Full Speed: 30 Knots

2 x MTU 1163 (6000 kw / 7,800 BHP)

Fuel Capacity:
300,000 Liters / 79,252 US Gallons

Lightship: 825 Metric Tons
Full Load: 1,100 Metric Tons

Submersible Stern Platform:
1500 kg / 30,000 lbs Lift Capacity

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M70 puts the world within reach. Select a city from the map below to see M70’s approximate range at a continuous speed of 19 knots - an incredible 6,000 nautical miles. At a more leisurely cruise speed of 12 knots, M70’s range increases to 9,000 NM – basically the entire globe. At a sprint speed of 28 knots, M70 still delivers an impressive 3,000 NM range. (Estimated range calculated with 10% fuel reserve. Actual performance may vary depending on multiple factors including sea conditions, vessel load, etc.)