All Yachts are NOT Created Equal.

Say farewell to the limitations and demands of conventional yachting. Reduce your crew. Increase your efficiency. Enjoy the experience.

Other yachts are novelty items. Large, expensive, and luxurious, but basically decorative marine toys. Meanwhile, a Metal Shark Yacht is a truly capable oceangoing craft enabling global exploration and adventure. These purpose-built, all- aluminium catamaran yachts are capable of going far, fast, and efficiently, and delivering self-sustaining independence for months on end.

A Metal Shark Yacht puts the word within reach, delivering global range without refueling, allowing shallow water anchoring without need for stabilizers, and providing vast deck spaces for toys, outdoor entertainment areas, and solar power.

Are you exhausted by the lack of differentiation among conventional yacht offerings, and by the fact that no matter how much you spend, your “personalized” vessel looks like every other yacht on the water? If so, we invite you to explore our advantages. These aren’t playthings. A Metal Shark Yacht represents the ultimate expression of personal independence.


Enjoy near 360-degree views from each deck, thanks to the extensive use of glass. Instead of encasing passengers in a cocoon, a Metal Shark Yacht’s wide-open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows allow for an immersive experience, creating a sense of adventure and a connection with nature.


Anchor in 8' of water, safely traverse the small cuts between islands, or let the boat dry out on the hard. Nothing hurts it.


A Metal Shark Yacht's catamaran footprint results in far more usable deck space, opening up possibilities for entertainment areas as well as storage space for tenders, toys, and cargo. With a Metal Shark Yacht, you can take it all with you.


Stay at anchor for days, weeks, or months at a time, in comfort and safety. Our enhanced stability, coupled with massive ground tackle and solar power, combine to create a solid, stable, self-sustaining island.


Our knifelike catamaran hulls and wide stance reduce vertical ship motion and latitudinal rolling while underway, while a high tunnel and nacelle eliminate wave slamming. Integrated active ride control mitigates both roll and pitch. Use a stemmed wine glass at sea!


Our efficient Incat Crowther catamaran hull design allows you to cruise at 10 knots comfortably, cross oceans at 16 knots, and exceed 25 knots at wide-open, all at efficient fuel burns with epic ranges.